Stops your bra from falling off your shoulders!

Do your bra straps slip off your shoulders?  

What woman hasn't experienced her straps slipping from time to time?

Bend down and pick up something off the ground, raise and lower your shoulders then rotate your arms forward.

Try any movement you can think of that normally causes your bra straps to slide.

Would you like to know a way to prevent this ever happening again?

The good news is that you don’t have to resign yourself to a lifetime of falling bra straps.

Look good and feel confident and comfortable with a little help from Never Slip.

Keep your straps from sliding once and for all.

Give them a try, you will be impressed!

Making Bra Comfort Possible

You don't have to be baffled by your bra any longer.

Never Slip makes an annoying and recurring problem disappear.

The straps stay in place after putting them through their paces - you’ll never experience any problems during your day-to-day activities.

Comfortable throughout your day.

They are machine washable and durable.

To choose your Never Slip strap size, simply measure the width of your bra strap.

The width of your bra strap is essential to the Never Slip strap doing its job.

Never Slip straps are available in white and nude in various pack sizes to suit your needs.

Available World Wide - Sold to happy women all over the world.

About Never Slip

After years of frustration with my bra straps slipping, I designed and created a unique

one-of-a-kind solution; Never Slip. I had so many pairs of bras, but no matter what brand       or size I bought I still had the same problem. This idea is a non–slip, comfortable product which holds your bra straps in place. Follow the easy steps to attach the straps and you are ready to go about your day with the comfort and support you deserve. No more tugging and adjusting sliding straps. Whether running errands, sitting at your desk or doing daily activities, you will feel the difference Never Slip makes.                                                                   Don't hesitate to give me feedback on my new product. As this is my first trial, I would appreciate any suggestions, comments or improvements you may have.


Bobbie O’Brien.

The Inventor of Never Slip

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Why I Need Never Slip

Having your straps slip off your shoulder is very irritating. Don’t buy a new bra.

The new Never Slip strap is what you are looking for.

This practical solution means you no longer have to put up with;

                      *  Having you ‘stepping’ into your bra

                      *  Trying to fit plastic disks

                      *  Shoulder cushions

                      *  Sewing on snaps

                      *  Nipple pasties on your shoulders

                      *  Double-sided tape



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