1.    Close hook and eye clasp on bra and lay flat

3.    Do the same for the right side, ensuring the correct lock is used  for the right side. 2 extra locks have been included per set. 

4.    When left & right sliders are in position attach clips to bra. Extend your bra strap if necessary. The straps can now be moved up or down to your own requirements.           No need to detach the straps, your bra can be machine washed with them on.

                               Front of strap                                                                                           Lock                                                                                                                                                                Back of Strap


    Underside of left bra strap                                                                                         

    Upperside of left bra strap                                                                                         

2.   Attach left strap to left bra strap, fitting slider first. Thread bra strap exactly as          illustrated in to Slider slots. Press lock in to indented side of slider firmly - make          sure it clicks into position.


Never Slip Instructions

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